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Newborn Photographer Gloucestershire

Welcome to your Newborn
Session Guide

Firstly congratulations! And thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I am so excited to work with you and your family and to capture some beautiful, natural moments that you can cherish. This session guide will tell you everything you need to know about a photoshoot with me and how you can prepare.

newborn Photographer Gloucestershire

This is me, Leanne. mum of two, memory catcher, sunset lover, relaxed and natural newborn and family photographer covering Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds. I can't wait to get to know you too.

I take a very relaxed approach to all my sessions. My main aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and is very much led by baby. My style is a hybrid between lifestyle and documentary. This means that I do a mix of standing back and capturing what unfolds in front of me as well as offering little prompts here and there and directing you into the best light. I do minimal posing but I may ask you to sit or stand in a certain spot or light and ask you to hold and hug each other to get some detail and family photos but that will be all.


I find that newborn babies are happiest when they are being held and so most the session will be focused on capturing your connection with your new bundle and telling a story of these early days together. However if the baby is happy to, I will try and get some of them on their own in their cot or lying on the bed. This is perfect to get details shots of hands, feet and hair.

When I first arrive I will chat to any older children a little and perhaps ask them to show me their toys and their room so that they get to know me and feel comfortable. I will take a little tour of your house and find which rooms I think would be best to do the photos in. Usually these are just the rooms with the best light. Please don’t feel you need to tidy up or clean too much as I take a documentary approach it’s all about capturing your family for who you are and how you live so you can look back in years to come and remember exactly how it was at that time.

Don’t worry if the baby needs feeding or changing as I allow plenty of time to get all the photo’s we need and we will take the baby’s lead.

n and baby Photographer Gloucestershire
n Photographer Gloucestershire


I would advise that baby just wears a vest or an outfit that shows their hands and feet so that we can easily get detail shots of those. We can wrap them up in swaddles or blankets so they don’t get cold but I find it best not to do outfit changes and to keep it simple. For the rest of family, the most important thing is that you must feel comfortable, otherwise it will show in the photos. However if you need a bit of guidance here are a few tips:


Mums - if you are feeling body conscious or in any discomfort, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Leggings/baggy tops/floaty dresses all work well.

Soft and neutral tones will always photograph well, e.g. pastels or greys/beiges/whites (not all white though)

Earthy tones will give a more vibrant feel and look great together (burgundy/greens/mustards/blues/burnt oranges)

Use variation in colours for each person as well as mixing up different textures (denim/cotton/wool/linen, etc) this will add depth and texture to your images

Layering looks lovely in photos and can give you variation (scarfs/shirts/hats/cardigans/jackets – depending on weather)


Ideally stay away from too bright or overly patterned clothes as this will take away from what is happening in the images

I would also advise to stay away from big logos/brands printed as this will takeaway from the timeless feel of the images.

Don't all wear the same item of clothing or same colour, e.g. all jeans and all white shirts. This will look too contrived. We want each personality to shine.

During our pre-photoshoot discussions I am more than happy to help you with your outfit choices further and you are more than welcome to email me some ideas or any options that you have already in your wardrobe. Ideally I wouldn’t want you to spend where you wouldn't need to. I want you to feel comfortable and confident!

Top Tips:

Start with one outfit and go from there

Take a look at these colour combinations and see what appeals to you most

If you are going to buy something new - New look, Zara, FatFace and H&M are my go to's for something affordable but I also love Olive Clothing and Free People - Tu at Sainsburys is great for kids

Earthy 2
Muted Pastels
Earthy 1


If you have older children - talk about how you are meeting me to take photos of your family and let them know why, e.g. we want nice photos for you to look at when your older or because we would like nice photos of you on the wall. Tell them it will be fun!

What to have ready - a favourite book for any older children to read to the baby, any items or blankets you would like included, a snack and a drink for all of you!

Before I arrive  - make sure your home is warm enough to have baby in just a nappy or a vest as it is nice to have the option to do some photos showing babies skin. It will also make your baby sleepy. Try and plan feeds so that baby has a full tummy just before I arrive or is due a feed at the beginning. Make sure baby is in the outfit would like them in before the feed so that if they fall asleep, we don't have to change them. We will try our best to get some sleepy photos as they are cute but it doesn't matter if they just don't want to, as we will get beautiful photos no matter what they want to do!

What to do during the shoot - Lots of cuddles with baby, being close to one another, stroking babies hair and feet, and gentle kisses, enjoy spending some time together. If you have older children, smile lots and try to stay calm (even if things are a little stressed) this will rub off on the little ones. Offer them lots of cuddles and tickles.

n Photographer Gloucestershire


My house is a mess! - I know how hard it is to get on top of housework with a newborn. I honestly don’t want anyone to stress before a photoshoot. Just work on getting yourself ready and we will work around any clutter or I will move it out the way of any shots for you. Some clutter I feel also adds to the story, such as, cards in the windowsill, baby bottles on the tables or muslins draped over the sofa.

What if my baby is unsettled? - Luckily with lifestyle and documentary photography, lots of time will be spent taking pictures with the baby where they should be, in your arms. This usually helps with unsettled babies. I use a storytelling approach, so if they are a little unhappy that is all part of the story! For newborn sessions I also allow up to 3 hours so this allows time or feeding, settling, changing etc. If you and your baby are feeling a bit stressed, I am happy to rearrange or come back another day to try again.

What if my older children aren't interested? - don't worry, I have lots of tricks and games to engage older children that they wont even know they are doing it. Don't forget this is all about your family as they are, so if they aren't too interested in their new sibling that is all part of the story. We absolutely will not force anything they don't want to do. A disinterested toddler is better than an unhappy one!

I'm feeling body conscious - don't worry, I know all the angles that will compliment you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and you will look comfortable in the photos. You will not regret being in these photos with your brand new baby when you look back on them in a few years, I promise!

What happens if my baby is early or overdue? - I keep 2 weeks free around your due date for this reason. As soon as your baby is born, let me know and we can pencil in a few options. Then just let me know when you are ready. You might be up for a photoshoot straight away or you might want more time until you feel ready. The beauty with this type of photography is that the baby doesn't have to be any particular age. A newborn is classed as anything up to 6 weeks but if your circumstances change we can even go older. If you are much earlier or later, I am flexible so just contact me for a chat!

n Photographer Gloucestershire


I take a £50 deposit upon booking and the remainder is due on the day of the photoshoot. I don't start any editing until I have received the full amount. 



A few days after your photoshoot, I aim to send a sneak peak slideshow of about 10 images just so you can get a feel of the photos that we got on the day. I will then edit the rest of gallery and send you a gallery link to view all your photos within 4 weeks of the photoshoot date. This will be a proof gallery and I will make the finishing touches to your images (e.g. removing marks etc) once you have chosen your final images.

If you haven't done so already, this is where you will choose your upgrade if you would like to purchase anymore images and prints. You will have 7 days from when I send you the gallery to choose your upgrade and your images.


I will aim to send your final images to download within 3 days once you have chosen. You will be able to download your images straight away in high resolution and also web-sized in order to share online if you wish. 

If you have chosen one of the upgrade packages, I will be in touch to discuss your choices of prints or images you would like in your album. You will also be able to purchase further prints or albums from my online shop. 

Mockup full
Mockup frames
wooden banana selfoss velvet 4
wooden banana cali natural album 8
wooden banana dolomiti suede 9
wooden banana dolomiti suede 3
wooden banana dolomiti suede 5

Your Upgrades and Products

The Mini



Five additional images via digital download in high resolution an web sized

The Full


All of your images via digital download in high resolution and web sized and 3 A4 piece gallery wall professional lustre prints with frame and display advice:

2 12 x 16

1 A4

The Deluxe



All of your images via digital download in high resolution and web sized, a beautifully designed 10 page spread 8x8 fine art album and 5 piece gallery wall professional lustre prints with design planning:

1 20 x 16

1 12 x 16

2 A4s

1 7x5

With The Full and The Deluxe packages, the stress and time out of printing and displaying your images will be taken care of for you.  

You have invested a lot of time and money in having these beautiful photos taken so they deserve to be printed and shown off in your home. 

Children love to see their happy faces plastered on their own walls that make them feel a sense of belonging. Not to mention the additional benefit in the more stressful moments in a normal day, how lovely it is to look up at your walls and be instantly be reminded of the happiness and love you share.

In short, print your photos! 

When you receive your gallery link, you will also have access to the online shop when  where you can purchase additional prints and items that aren't included in any of your upgrades. All prints and products are checked by me before being sent onto you so you can guarantee quality every time. With the use professional photo labs that are collaborated with my computer, you will receive the images exactly how they are supposed to look, printed on quality professional photo paper.


With your upgrade you will also receive a PDF of advice on where to buy frames, what sizes you need and how to display your images just to make it extra easy for you.  With the deluxe package, send me a picture of where you would like the images displayed and I can design a mock up for you making it even easier for you to get those beautiful images onto your walls.

*Payment plans are available for spending over £300*


The only thing to do now is to wait until your beautiful bundle is here whenever you are ready. I will keep a few dates free around your due date. I am really flexible so will find a date that suits you. Some people take a bit longer after birth to be ready for a photoshoot and that is absolutely fine. The beauty with my type of photography is that they can be done at any age. It's just the smaller they are the more sleepy they are. 

In the meantime I will arrange a phone call  so you can get to know me a little bit before our photoshoot and I can answer any questions you may have. 

Please contact me with any questions at all! There is a contact form on my website or you can email me on or my number is 07758833962. I am always up for a chat and I look forward to hearing your news!

Newborn Photoshoot in Cheltenham
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