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A little about me

Family Photographer Gloucester

Mum, Photographer, mindfulness and self-care advocate, light chaser, sunset lover, passionate about finding the beauty amongst the chaos.

Way back when

I have always had a passion for photography. When I was younger, I loved looking through old family photographs with my Nan, seeing how she used to live, what she used to wear and how they lived their life. I loved seeing photos of her playing with my mum in the garden or of them baking together in the kitchen. Since studying photography in college I have been a hobbyist and dabbled professionally a couple of times.

To now  

After my son was born I became so passionate about capturing him and our everyday lives. Photography was a creative outlet for me. As many of us do, I struggled with becoming a first time mum and I used photography as something for me and to freeze the good bits in a day, the parts of the day that might otherwise be overshadowed by toddler meltdowns and a lack of sleep. I would always have a reminder of the good times, the times I want to cherish, for both of us.

Why I feel so passionate about capturing your everyday

When you look at your photos I want you to remember what it felt like in that moment, to feel a sense of belonging and connection to your family that you may not be feeling every day. I want you to display these photographs in your home as a reminder that, when life gets a bit blurry or messy, we can still bring back the focus on what really matters. 

How I like to work 

I take a very relaxed approach to all my sessions. My main aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and is very much child led. My style is a hybrid between lifestyle and documentary. This means that I do a mix of standing back and capturing what unfolds in front of me as well as offering little prompts here and there and directing you into the best light. 

My prompts aim to curate connections and feelings that will bring you right back to that moment. This means I may ask you to sit or stand in a certain spot or light and ask you to hold and hug each other but that will be all. I also have some fun tricks and games that will interest little ones and will also result in fun and connected images.

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