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Your Upgrades and Products

With The Full and The Deluxe packages, the stress and time out of printing and displaying your images will be taken care of for you.  

You have invested a lot of time and money in having these beautiful photos taken so they deserve to be printed and shown off in your home. 

Children love to see their happy faces plastered on their own walls that make them feel a sense of belonging. Not to mention the additional benefit in the more stressful moments in a normal day, how lovely it is to look up at your walls and be instantly be reminded of the happiness and love you share.

In short, print your photos! 

When you receive your gallery link, you will also have access to the online shop when  where you can purchase additional prints and items that aren't included in any of your upgrades. All prints and products are checked by me before being sent onto you so you can guarantee quality every time. With the use professional photo labs that are collaborated with my computer, you will receive the images exactly how they are supposed to look, printed on quality professional photo paper.


With your upgrade you will also receive a PDF of advice on where to buy frames, what sizes you need and how to display your images just to make it extra easy for you.  With the deluxe package, send me a picture of where you would like the images displayed and I can design a mock up for you making it even easier for you to get those beautiful images onto your walls.

*Payment plans are available for spending over £300*

The Mini



Five additional images via digital download in high resolution an web sized

The Full


All of your images via digital download in high resolution and web sized and 3 piece gallery wall professional lustre prints with frame and display advice:

2 12 x 16

1 A4

The Deluxe



All of your images via digital download in high resolution and web sized, a beautifully designed 10 page spread 8x8 fine art album and 5 piece gallery wall professional lustre prints with design planning:

1 20 x 16

1 12 x 16

2 A4s

1 7x5

Within the Full and Deluxe upgrades, you will receive a set of beautiful lustre prints professionally printed by my photo lab to easily create a gallery wall. I will receive these first to make sure the colour comes out perfect before sending onto you.

You will also receive a PDF with advice on how to display your photos, what frames (budget and nice quality) you can buy from which shops and the sizes you will need. 

With the Deluxe upgrade, you will also have the option of sending me a photo of the space you would like to use for displaying images and I can make a mock up similar to the one here to show you how you can best use the space with your chosen prints. 
Mockup frames.jpg
These beautiful fine art albums are built to last. They lay completely flat and are printed on thick and high quality photo paper, meaning they will not bend, rip or fade. Perfect for flicking through your memories without any worries of damage. 

You will have a choice of different materials and colours or simply let me decide for you!

They are available within The Deluxe Upgrade or to buy separately through my shop.  
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