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An Interview with Lottie from Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival and Just The Girl Fitness

I am so excited to introduce Lottie from the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival. I first met Lottie when she approached me last year to document a series of films and photographs for a project she was working on with John Lewis and their partners to bring wellbeing to the forefront of the workplace. I was so honoured to be a part of such a fab initiative and the workshops Lottie came up with were just incredible. She has lots of exciting things coming up this year all about wellbeing and also runs her own personal training business, so go give her a follow to find out more!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Lottie and I’m a Pilates and Personal Trainer as well as Director of Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival and extremely proud mummy to two beautiful girlies.

What led you into your journey into fitness?

I went to Uni and became thoroughly disillusioned with learning and wanted to play, play, play and make a career out of it. All my life had felt like it was geared towards achieving academic results which had a major impact on my wellbeing and I decided it was time to actually have a little bit of fun and help others along the way. What initially begun as a hobby transformed my life as I discovered an absolute joy in seeing other people thrive off the benefits of physical exercise.

What do you love most about teaching others?

If I can make people leave a room feeling better than when the entered it my job is done- it feels a bit like alchemy when music comes on and people lose their inhibitions and reconnect with themselves.

Where are your classes and where can people find you?

I teach very few ‘in real life’ classes any more thank to you know what… covid! But, I love my Spin class in the Ladies College 10am on Sunday mornings, it feels like dancing on a bike with friends. I also teach a Pilates Flow in Everlast Fitness on Thursdays at 11am and have two regular Zoom classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30pm which anyone is so welcome to join- they are Cardio Pilates and Cardio Yoga. Otherwise you’ll find my Personal Training from my little garage studio and plotting Wellbeing immersive events.

Tell us more about Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival

Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival was set up in 2019 with myself and fellow co-founder Alexandra Davison. It was a week long town wide takeover designed to showcase the very best of our local practitioners as well as talks, workshops and immersive events featuring national talent. During Covid we went virtual… and international. Now, we are focusing on bespoke satellite events as well as Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, such as the recent partnership with John Lewis Flagship store in Cheltenham. It was born out of a desire to ensure everybody had access to Wellbeing, to bring it into commonplace language, to make wellbeing an essential not an intangible luxury.

What do you hope for for Cheltenham wellbeing festival in the future and how would you like it to benefit mums like us?

I hope to see continued organic growth, nurturing a network of local practitioners and supporting our thriving community. We have so many exciting projects in the pipeline and want to continue to support all the incredible people who make up our town. It has been such an honour to work on this project so far.

You can find Lottie at and

Thanks so much Lottie for telling us more about yourself and what you have planned for the people of Cheltenham.

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