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Cotswold Sleep Nanny - Interview with Michelle

I am so excited to introduce you all to Michelle from the Cotswold Sleep Nanny this month. Michelle offers sleep help for families throughout Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.

I first met with Michelle (over zoom) as I was struggling with getting my 3 year old to settle in his toddler bed and also my 6 month old to nap in her cot. We made huge progress but we needed Michelle again when my youngest was 2 to get her to sleep in her cot at night time in a very gentle and responsive way. Michelle was so supportive and was there to answer questions day and night. Not only did she help with getting our sleep back, she also gave us some other tips that helped with my children's eating and some behaviour concerns I had with my eldest.

If you want a little bit more sleep and calmness installed into your home, Michelle is your lady!

Hi Everyone, I am Michelle Cyril, the Cotswold Sleep Nanny, a children’s sleep specialist and paediatric nurse. I have helped exhausted families all over the UK and worldwide say goodbye to their sleep deprivation.

What led you into your journey of becoming a sleep consultant?

I had a nightmare sleeper, he was a: night screamer, short napper, he crashed out at bedtime, frequently woke after midnight and was an early rise too. He was an absolutely terrible sleeper until he was 2.5 years old. What changed? I did! I needed to do something different. In a supportive and gentle way I taught him how to sleep, stay asleep and wake feeling rested.

After my own experience of chronic sleep deprivation I decided I wanted to help other exhausted families. I extended my training and studied paediatric sleep at degree level. I have gone on to develop my own approach to sleep, the core elements are to; Respond, Nurture and Support.

What is your favourite thing about teaching families more about sleep?

It is perfectly normal to wake in the night the challenge is often getting back to sleep! I love helping families over come this part so they can get well on their way to a settled night. When you understand why your little one is waking up it helps you move sleep forward in a positive direction. I also love working with children as we can really get them involved in solving their own sleep problems when it comes to settling to sleep easily at night. Children as young as two love getting involved.

How important is it for children and parents to get enough sleep for our wellbeing?

Good sleep quality, regardless of your age, is fundamental to your health tomorrow and your long term health future. When we sleep toxins are expelled, memories are moved from short to long term storage. So much good stuff happens when we sleep, your body is hard at work when you aren’t! Good quality sleep really is essential.

What age children do you cater for with your sleep advice?

I provide tailored sleep solutions for families with; babies, toddlers, children, pre teens and young people. I have worked with twins and those with additional needs too. As of 2022 I can now support the entire family as I have extended knowledge and skills to support adults with insomnia too.

Do you go into people’s homes or is it all online?

Depending the on covid rules at the time. I can go into a family’s home. However my most popular service is my Video package via Zoom. This package includes; analysis of your sleep assessment form and a sleep diary, 1.5hr consultation, tailored sleep management programme and a 30 minute follow up support call. All of that for just £245.

What types of services do you offer and where can people find you?

I offer;

Newborn to 3 month video calls - for those who what to get sleep right from the start

Advice calls - to really focus ‘the’ sleep problem

Consultations (video & and home visits_ - are perfect when there are multiple sleep struggles to resolve.

Optional daily support is available to – daily texts and voice notes or we can chat everyday if families want to.

Hop on my website to read a bit more about me and my approach to sleep

You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I am always posting sleep tips on there or feel free to email me a questions I am always happy to answer questions.

Thanks so much for sharing Michelle!

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