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FAQs for booking a Photoshoot with Leanne Elizabeth Photography - Gloucestershire Photographer

Here I am going to cover a few of my FAQs for booking a photoshoot with me!

How do I book a session? - Simply fill out the contact form on my website and I will be in touch to discuss your requirements!

When do I pay? - I take a £50 deposit upon booking and the remainder is payable on the day of the photoshoot. Usually clients just pay the session fee to start with which includes some digital images with the package and then they upgrade to buy more images once they have seen their gallery. My prices and upgrades are all on my website or please contact me for a brochure :)

Do you choose a location? - Firstly, I will contact you to understand the type of photoshoot you are looking for, whether that is in your home or outdoors and I will then work with you to choose a location. I will suggest what will work well at your chosen time of day and will let you know of a few of my favourite locations. However, I love going to places that are also special to your family.

Do I have to have my photoshoot at sunset? - No, you don't have to at all. I will always work with you to understand when the best time is for you and your family. But I will always suggest sunset as that is when we guarantee the light will be softer and we won't have to keep to the shade to avoid harsh shadows on your faces and squinty eyes.

How do you send the images? - You will receive a link to view your gallery once I have finished editing them and you will let me know which ones you would like my adding them to your favourites list. Once you have selected your images, I will make any final adjustments and will send you the link to download your images in web sized and high resolution.

Do you offer prints? - Yes, once I have sent you your final images, you will be able to access the online shop where you can buy prints, canvases and other items from my professional printing lab. I also offer some gorgeous frames and fine art photo books which are beautiful additions to display your photos.

Can I pay in Instalments? - Yes, I offer instalments where you can pay for the session fee in chunks leading up to your photoshoot. I also offer it for upgrades but you won't receive any of the additional images until I have received the full amount.

Worries or concerns:

My house is a mess! - I know how hard it is to get on top of housework with a young family. I honestly don’t want anyone to stress before a photoshoot. Just work on getting yourself ready and we will work around any clutter or I will move it out the way of any shots for you.

What if my children aren't into it on the day? - Luckily with my style of photography, even if children aren't too keen on the idea of having photos taken to start with, they soon don't mind and start enjoying it. I interact with them lots, we play games, explore and they forget that photos are being taken. I can take cues on when we need a break or a snack if needed too. My photoshoots are up to 2 hours long so we have plenty of time to take it slow.

I'm feeling self conscious about having photos taken - don't worry, I know all the angles that will compliment you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and you will look comfortable in the photos. You will not regret being in these photos with your family when you look back on them in a few years, I promise! As my style is more about connection, you won't be stood staring awkwardly at the camera - it is more about just spending time and having fun with your family and you will soon forget the camera is there.

What happens if it rains? - I usually try and stick to our date as much as possible but if it is really pouring down then that won't be fun for anyone so I am really flexible and rearrange to a different date.

What if my children don't listen to instructions or misbehave? - Honestly, don't worry! Even though this can be really annoying for you, just try and keep it light hearted (as the children will pick up on any stress) and I will take everything in my stride. My photoshoots are completely child led so we will just roll with it. In all my years experience (and with having 2 very cheeky children myself) we have always ended up with amazing photos no matter what the children have in mind.

What if my baby is unsettled? - Luckily with lifestyle and documentary photography, lots of time will be spent taking pictures with the baby where they should be, in your arms. This usually helps with unsettled babies. I use a storytelling approach, so if they are a little unhappy that is all part of the story! For newborn sessions I also allow up to 3 hours so this allows time or feeding, settling, changing etc. If you and your baby are feeling a bit stressed, I am happy to rearrange or come back another day to try again.

What happens if my baby is early or overdue? - I keep 2 weeks free around your due date for this reason. As soon as your baby is born, let me know and we can pencil in a few options. Then just let me know when you are ready. You might be up for a photoshoot straight away or you might want more time until you feel ready. The beauty with this type of photography is that the baby doesn't have to be any particular age. A newborn is classed as anything up to 6 weeks but if your circumstances change we can even go older. If you are much earlier or later, I am flexible so just contact me for a chat!

I hope this helps answer any questions you have but please feel free to contact me if you would like to know anything else!


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Leanne Elizabeth Photography is a family, newborn and baby photographer covering Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.

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