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Gloucester Family Photographer – Golden Hour Photoshoots

There is something magical about the summer evening sun isn’t there? There is a sense of adventure and freedom in the air and it just so happens makes for some beautiful photos! The golden hour is what photographers call the hour before sunset. It creates a beautiful golden glow and soft light to your photos that you only get at sunrise or sunset, which is why I love offering these sessions.

I know that it may be hard to get young children to stay up passed their bedtime for a Photoshoot at this time but I promise you the results are 100% worth it! I actually find that the children are more up for it as well as they feel like they are getting a special treat for staying up late and we are on a big adventure! Here are some tips to make sure it goes smoothly with young children:

1. Prep them in the morning that in the evening we are going to go on an adventure passed bedtime and have some lovely family photographs taken!

2. Take a few snacks and drinks to give before or after the session

3. Encourage an afternoon nap or rest if you feel like they would need it (a long drive in the car does it for my 2)

Bonus tip – Take the long route home and drive them to sleep after the session and transfer them to bed for an easy bedtime! (disclosure – I know this may not work for all children)

I have Mini photoshoots running throughout July in these gorgeous fields in Gloucestershire so get in touch!


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