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How to prepare children for a photoshoot in Gloucestershire

I know how daunting it can be trying to prepare your children for a photoshoot. You want them to be excited about it and on board with meeting me but sometimes that can be tricky depending on your childs mood and personality. Some children absolutely love having their photo taken but most are unsure what to expect and aren't keen on the attention. The good news is that my style of photography means that we won't be cooped up in a studio with me asking them to smile. My photoshoots are completely child led and we will go with the flow, have fun, play games and I will get to know them and document their unique personality.

However, here are my top tips in the best way to prepare them:

1. Talk about how you are meeting me to take photos of your family and let them know why, e.g. we want nice photos for you to look at when your older or because we would like nice photos of you on the wall.

2. Tell them it will be fun! If we are going outdoors, tell them we are going on a little adventure and will play games while I will be taking pictures for us to remember it forever. If I am coming to your home, tell them we will be playing with their favourite toys and I will be taking pictures for when they are older they can look back and be able to remember all their favourite things about growing up there.

3. What to bring - A favourite book, a favourite toy, mess free snacks and a drink, a spare change of clothes in case of spillages etc, warm layers in case they get cold, wet wipes, cream for stings or scratches (magic cream can make all the difference!)

4. What to do - Offer lots of tickles and cuddles. Smile and be happy (even if things are a little stressed) this will rub off on the little ones. Pull silly faces/silly voices to bring out genuine laughs and smiles. I have my own little tricks to bring out those natural smiles but at the end of the day, you know them best! You know what makes them belly laugh more than anyone so lets use it.


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Leanne Elizabeth Photography is a family, newborn and baby photographer covering Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.

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