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Why I am dreaming of family sunset photoshoots in Gloucestershire and why you should be too!

Updated: May 3, 2022

Sunset.. or golden hour as us photographers like to call it, is the hour before the sun goes down. If you are thinking of an outdoor photoshoot then I believe that sunset is the best time and here is why:

- You are guaranteed softer light or if you are lucky, a magical golden light if the sun is out. This means you don't have to keep to the shade, we can roam free and explore and all the photos will be in gorgeous light.

- There is a sense of adventure that comes with being out in the evening with little ones. They are excited too because it's a novelty and are usually completely on board with the idea.

- It is quieter so we are more likely to have an area to ourselves and you can just enjoy being together.

- The photos speak for themselves...

Top tips for a sunset photoshoot with small children

If your children will struggle staying up until sunset (which in the summer the photoshoot may finish at 9pm) here are some top tips to help:

I will never ask my clients to do something I wouldn't do myself with my children so these are tried and tested tips!

1. Extra day time nap! It might be an idea to get them to sleep in the car or pram for a cheeky day time nap so that they go a bit longer in the evening.

2. Explain to them that we are going on a little adventure, spend some time together and have some photos taken along the way. Also explain why you want photos taken of them and where they will go in your home.

3. Bring mess free snacks and drinks, Snacks fix everything in my opinion!

4. Bring any special toys and ones that might look good in the photos or that would love to be included. For example, any special teddies/comforters or books in case they need some chill out time. As my style of photography is honest and relaxed and all about your unique family then this will just add rather than take away from the photos.

5. If your child really isn't on board with having photos taken, don't panic - they will sense it... we will just go with the flow and take as much time as needed. With my experience, I know when to call it a day and we can rearrange for another day but I have never had to do this. We always end up with lovely photos.

If you would like to know more about booking a sunset family photoshoot with me in Gloucestershire, please click the link here or you can email me at


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Leanne Elizabeth Photography is a family, newborn and baby photographer covering Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.


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