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Reasons why having a newborn photoshoot at home is for you!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Are you expecting a baby in Gloucestershire? Have you thought about having some lovely photos taken once your newborn baby has arrived? Let me tell you why I think having a photoshoot at home is the best option for creating beautiful, natural photos like these:

But first, let me tell you a story. When my first was born nearly 6 years ago, I won a Facebook competition to have some newborn photos taken of him with a free print. At the time, I didn't know any other type of photography existed except in a studio where they bundled babies into baskets. Of course, this style of photography is beautiful in its own right but I realised then that it just wasn't for me. My little boy screamed the whole time. Of course he did... he was only a few days old, away from his mum, put into a basket with a big flash going off in his face. I remember feeling flustered trying to feed him to calm him down. Feeding wasn't going well for us anyway and as a first time mum, I was really self-conscious. I ended up choosing one of the screaming photos to be printed just to remind myself, never again!

When I stumbled across lifestyle photography a few years later, something just clicked for me, it just felt right - more natural and organic. Here are more reasons why I feel having a natural newborn photoshoot at home is the best option:

You don't have to go anywhere

The most obvious reason is that you don't have to go anywhere. I know it can be such a mission to actually leave the house in those early newborn days so how lovely is it that all you have to worry about is getting everyone dressed and I can come to you! You have everything you need at home so you will never be caught out by not having enough nappies or a change of clothes.

Simple really is best

Your family and your beautiful new baby are perfect just as you are. I don't need any big equipment ot fancy lighting. I love keeping my equipment as well as my 'poses' as simple as possible. Using natural light, I only require a window and my camera (and you obviously!) This is what creates the beautifully natural and relaxed photos that I love.

Home is where the heart is

Children really are happiest when in their own environment and this will show in the photos. They feel more comfortable and absolutely love showing me their rooms and toys. Also, how lovely would it be to show your children these photos when they are older and they will be transported right back to their childhood by looking at how their rooms used to look and the toys they used to play with and how that lovely little newborn slotted into your life.

More relaxed

Being in your own home means we can go at your own pace and older children can come as go as they please. My sessions are completely child/baby led so I allow a lot of time to stop for snacks, feeding or nappy changes. For me the experience of the photoshoot is just as important as the final photos.

Pets can get involved

Your furry members of the family can also join in (if they wish). They are just as part of your story as well and deserve a spot in the limelight.

If you would like to know more about booking a newborn photoshoot with me, please click the link here or you can email me at


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Leanne Elizabeth Photography is a family, newborn and baby photographer covering Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds.

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